Step 1: Renew your gut

Your body has lost specific synbiotics. Our community has taught us repopulating your gut microbiome over a seven day period is critical to seeing improvement in your symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, cramping, and mucus in stool. Our synbiotics are a patented, live, and all-natural combination designed for you. We recommend taking six pills per day for seven days; three in the morning with breakfast and three in the evening with dinner.

Whole Biome IBS Renew

Six capsules
for seven days
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Step 2: Maintain your gut

After you've repopulated your microbiome with the lost synbiotics and experienced symptom relief, we suggest you work your way down to one to two pills per day. Here are a few things our community has taught us when in the maintain phase: 1) If you wake up in the morning or night with gas or abdominal pain, taking more pills at night tends to help. 2) The Maintain phase is about reducing your dosage down to one to two pills per day, but this process varies by person 3) Sometimes depending on changes in your diet or environment while in the Maintain phase, you may re-experience symptoms and it's okay to add more pills to get back in control.

Whole Biome IBS Maintain

1-2 capsules
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