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We are a community committed to improving health through medical foods.

Whole Biome Team

We have family and friends who suffer from IBS. Through personal experiences, our team works daily to understand the difficulties that people with IBS face.

Whole Biome’s mission is to be the trusted brand in bringing the public improved health through microbiome solutions.  We are developing microbiome solutions using our proprietary discovery platform. Whole Biome integrates cutting-edge laboratory science and computational analysis to gain a comprehensive and high-resolution view of each individual’s microbiome. We then apply machine learning algorithms to identify broader trends in biochemical and metabolic pathways across populations. These high-resolution data and analytic tools enable us to identify specific microbiome markers that translate into medical food products.

“Knowing we are all committed to finding solutions for disorders that affect so many is especially motivating.”

- Brendon

“Getting to work in the Microbiome field and knowing that the work we do will make a positive impact on human health is incredibly exciting.”

- Surabhi

“This experience for me is personal.  I have ill family members who may one day benefit from the work being done at Whole Biome.”

- Erika

“I can’t wait to see the impact we’ll be making in human health!”

- David