Get your life back

Discover how Whole Biome IBS repairs and renews gut function in 7 days.

Get your life back

Discover how Whole Biome IBS repairs and renews gut function in 7 days.

Customer Testimonials

“I have not taken anything that slowed me down this well and kept me comfortable in doing it. I have taken some things that slowed me down so much I could not move my bowels even though it woke me with cramps for hours, that was horrible! I truly feel these pills are close to making me normal.”  – A.S.

“It has been an excellent experience.”  – L.S.

“Only 2 attacks in about 40 days! I might have a life now! Thank you!”  – J.H.

“Symptoms have greatly improved. I have even tried some things I couldn’t eat and I have been able to eat them.”  – J.J.

“I have seen an improvement in symptoms and healthier stool…I saw a change in my symptoms in comparison with other medicine that I took in the past, so in personal terms I think the product is on the right track.”  – M.S.

“It’s been a few days, and I still don’t have pain or bloating so I do believe they’ve helped me out. I will continue to take them at a reduced level for maintenance. It’s been a pleasure trying and reviewing your product.” – M. B.

“Today is a great day!! I woke with no urgency AT ALL … moved my bowels in about 15 minutes after being awake and then went again in about 45 minutes. I was empty in under an hour and cutting grass on my riding mower in 1.25 hrs after waking which is something I have not been able to do that fast in years!” – A. S.

“Marked improvement in regularity, fully clearing out and formed stools.” – K.M.

“I feel more stable overall” – K.S.

“Reduced gas, backache gone, my bowel movements seem more normal.” – B.B.

Our unique, all natural, patented 2-in-1 formula consists of the synbiotics that are lost in those that suffer from IBS. Our Whole Biome IBS Renew program is designed to restore your gut function and the natural health of your system in four ways: grow good bugs, improve gut lining, reduce inflammation, and improve fiber potential. Our Whole Biome IBS Maintain program keeps your system working naturally for you.